Big model selection

Raximo offers special lever for over 1000 motorcycle models - TÜV approved

6-way adjustable

Raximo levers are adjustable for both big and small hands in a distance to the handlebars

ABE and TÜV Road Approval

Our levers are TÜV Approved and are therefore in the most countries free of registration

RAXIMO CNC milled/machined aluminum brake lever and clutch lever

In 8 different colors! Available for over 1000 motorcycle models! With the folding lever "BCF" the main part, the middle part, the end part and the adjuster can be combined in 8 different colors, which gives your bike an individual touch. With the short version "BCS", the lever and the adjustment mechanism can be selected. Milled from an aluminum block replacement levers are available as a folding and length-adjustable version for use on the road and ergonomic short lever for sporty driving on the racetrack. Main part, middle part, end part and adjuster can be combined as individually as you like. There are eight colors to choose from, all in all an incomparable variety of 4096 color combinations. This makes every bike unique.

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Brake and clutch lever RAXIMO BCF folding lever

High-strength aluminum as in aircraft construction milled from the solid, 6-fold adjustable, hinged. Has the advantage in case of a falling over that the lever can fold up without breaking off. It´s protected in normal operation by a mechanism against folding up. The lever is adjustable in length by means of dovetail connection by 35 mm, depending on the model that corresponds to the fully extended state of the original length. The anodisation of RAXIMO levers meets the highest quality standards. This lever offers 4096 color combinations.

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Only with us you can choose between 8 different colors for

the main, middle and final parts of the Select setting offer 4096 different color combinations that make your bike unique.

Brake and clutch lever RAXIMO BCS lever

„short“ style

CNC machined high-tech lever in the short version is about 17 cm long and are therefore ideal for the so-called "two-finger brake system". High-strength aluminum (material: T6063 T6), which is also used in aircraft construction, milled from solid, weight only about 250 g (on both sides). Raximo uses a high-quality anodization process, which is tested for durability and corrosion resistance. The levers are adjustable by means of adjusting lever 6-fold at a distance to the handlebars. The color combination of this lever can be selected from 8 different lever colors and 8 different adjuster colors, so there is a choice of 64 color combinations and give the motorcycle an individual touch.

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Great color combinations

for the main body and the adjuster with 8 colors each for your individual bike!